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Welcome! Modelworld is a free online modeling tool and repository for the collaborative modeling of business architecture models and information system designs that runs instantly in your browser. No plugins are required. Futhermore, you can test and validate your models in the online prototyping engine.

Most of the model templates on modelworld are based on existing modeling methodologies. In this section you will find background information and links to resources concerning these standards. To start with, here is an introduction to modelworld.


Design and Engineering Methodology for Organizations (DEMO) is a standard for modeling business architecture in terms business transactions. Business actors are the demanding or supplying party in these business transactions. More information is found on:


A set of modeling concepts for modeling business architecture, information architecture and technical infrastructure. You can find all you need to know on the page of the Object Management Group (OMG):


The Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN) is a standard notation for describing business processes. The following resources are interesting:


The Unified Modeling Langauge (UML) is amodeling language for specifying software. You can find more information by clicking on the links below.


For more information and donations, please contact me, Bart-Jan Hommes at